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"The trip was an absolutely A+. The Crew were just great. He was a super sailor, made us feel very comfortable and lots of fun. Our Chef was a world class cook and a delight. We really, really had a good time. Best charter we’ve done by far. We are thinking of trying to get them when they go to the Grenadines or to the Med in a few years. Maybe ever go down again next xmas to the BVIs. Our kids just loved the trip and we all managed to get along. Also, we are now total converts on Catamarans. We had very rough weather for two days and the boat was so smooth. A monohull would have been very uncomfortable..."

-John and Marlissa Westerfield, New York

"...the B.V.I's are a beautiful place to capture life long memories. We enjoyed the unique places you shared with us, the history lessons, the diving was incredible-what an unbelievable world. Thank you for dragging the kids around for hours on the hot dog. Thank you for allowing Mike to help out with the sailing-he loved it. The yacht Ad Astra is a beautiful yacht, but you two made the trip a very special memory."

-Laura, Mike and the Lane family, Texas

"I am sitting here on Christmas morning and I'm looking over the beautiful waters of the BVI's thinking how lucky we are. We have spent so much time here, but being here with you guys has made it one of the best we've had (right up there with our wedding in St. John). Ya'll have become family. We couldn't have spent our Christmas with better people... We can't wait to do this with you again."

-Alicia Jones and the Jones's family, Tennessee

"This trip is truly an answered prayer! Incredible gluten-free food, wonderful family times, adventure, lots of relaxing and unforgettable memories. You guys did such an awesome job of taking care of us. There truly was "no worries mate"

-Myra Foster, Indiana

..."Our vacation was once in a life time experience thanks to you two. You both radiate zest for life; love for each other and for us as well. We felt safe and well looked after. You were like mom and dad to us thanks you for cleaning up after our mess, making our beds, feeding us the best food, taking us to amazing places and providing us with unlimited supplies. We love you both and wish you the best..."

-Lenka and Don, Canada

"Wow, where do we start...you guys were awesome to us! Thank you so much for the special and ultimate service aboard your cat. It was great to relax with friends and know the captain and first mate had it all under control. We will return to San Diego with special memories."

-Larry and Kathy Blank, San Diego

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time again, it was so lovely to see you again, you are both so wonderful and accommodating..."

-Amber and Clarke Taylor, Utah

"Thank you for an amazing cruise. You guys have a gift for making people feel comfortable and welcome. The food was over the top and you made everyone feel so content. I am envious of your future kids. The Crew is experienced well beyond your years. You balance yacht management and guest comfort to an unprecedented level. Thank you for everything I will see you again".

-Robert Hoffman, San Diego

"Oh my gosh, I can't wait to come back, table dancing at pirates, jumping off the Willy tea, the Baths-oh the Baths, the wreck of the Rhone, relaxing at Peter island , the family of the 3 dolphins, magical truly magical!"

-Kim and Chris Wilson, Virginia

"You guys are so much fun to be with. Thank you for convincing me to go into the caves, or I would have missed it. You both were too cool, teaching me how to feed the seagulls and taking us tubing and thanks for making us our special cocktails! Come visit us sometime!"

-Monique Lawson (age 14), Washington D.C

"Thanks for putting up with my diving fetish! Wow! Everything from fine dining, star gazing, sails and gorgeous dives make a week I will never forget..."

-Pam Brink, South Florida

"The Ad Astra - to the stars! What a fantastic trip, snorkeling, sailing, drinking, doing all the do's and don'ts. You make the most enjoyable team. We really appreciate you providing us with our island dream."

-Pat and Jim Rice, Texas

"I could never thank you guys enough, that was the best trip of my life! The highlights were definitely the hot dogging, the meals and just lazing on the boat. I know we were a lot to put up with but you guys were so cool! Raa-raah!!..."

-Chloe Chais(age 14), L.A California

"Whaddup B squared! This trip was super fun and relaxing. Thanks for taking such good care of us and being so outgoing, friendly and super sweet. I really enjoyed our late night talks, great food and drinks and the laughs we shared..."

-Lauren Cornet (age 25), Washington D.C.

"...What a fantastic holiday we loved both the boat and you. Thanks so much for your patience with girls. We will never forget you and hope to see you in Italy. Big kisses..."

-Laura and the Segeliari family, Turin- Italy


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