Ad Astra hits the med for 2012 and sails the stunning Almalfi coast, where the possibilities are endless…




  • Amalfi

    Amalfi is a very picturesque town, characterized by wonderful views with sheer rising cliffs dotted with little white houses. Its architecture, landscape, culture and cuisine have made it a paradise. This wonderful town is a must see for your sailing charter on the Italian coast. Explore little towns, boutique shops, cafés and tapas bars to feast your mind and your body!

  • Cetara

    Cetara is a fishing town built at the feet of Monte Falerzio. Sailing along the Amalfi Coast, it’s worth a stop in this lovely little town, which revolves around its maritime traditions. The fleet of Cetara is still one of the most active of the Mediterranean Sea. Here the fisherman specialize in processing and preserving tuna and anchovies. Cetara is away from the crowded tourist routes and is a classic out of time town to visit.

  • Maiori

    Maiori boasts the longest sea front in the Amalfi Coast and it has wonderful fine pebble beach shaped like an ancient amphitheatre which draws the greatest number of holiday makers. Many tourists come to Maiori unaware of its historical and artistic importance. From the sea Maiori is a stunning destination when you reach by yacht.

  • Minori

    Minori is a seaside town frequented by tourists both from Italy and from abroad. Minori started to produce paper, liquors and other lemon specialties, since lemons are a product of this area. Minori is a rich cultural site and houses many works of great artistic value in its Cathedral. Visit the Church of St Giuliano, the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Church of St Giovanni Battist in the bay, and the Church of St Nicola. Another focal point of a visit here is the ancient roman villa and the Basilica of Santa Trofimena as well as the churches of Santa Lucia, San Gennaro and San Michele, which offer an appreciation of southern Italian architecture.

  • Positano

    Positano is a beautiful town on a cliff face which has become a very fashionable hub. Shop windows are full of fashionable beach wear all made from cool linen, gauze and cotton. Home to skilled tailors and cobblers, Positano is the place to shop for gorgeous hand crafted sandals and glamorous evening or bridal wear. It even boats fabulous fish restaurants to soothe the appetite after a long day of exploring and shopping.

  • Praiano

    A mere seven kilometers from Positano, Praiano is a perfect destination for relaxing. Once a fishing village, today it is a prestigious seaside resort. A great place to relax and swim while appreciating timeless charm and stunning architecture. This town is away from the major tourist hubs, yet is rich with culture and world class views and comforts.

  • Punta Campanella

    Punta Campanella is a protected marine park stretching for 30km, including several municipalities from Massa Lubrense to Vico Equense. The Marine Reserve runs along the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula and offers places to visit including the Bay of Ieranto, with its tiny islets and Li Galli, where legend has it that mermaids tried to entice Ulysses with their siren songs. This is a wonderful place for diving and for discovering rich biodiversity. Because of the calcareous nature of the peninsula, the area is has a considerable number of emerged cavities, which lie underwater due to tectonic movements and rising sea levels. In the spectacular Grotta della Cala di Mitigliano, you can explore the charming world of the underwater dark caves.

  • Ravello

    Ravello is located on the ridge projecting from the mountain that divides the Valle del Dragone (Dragon's Valley) and overhangs the towns of Minori and Maiori. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Amalfi Coast, with a unique landscape and wonderful arty culture. The Villa Cimbrone is renowned for its stunning views from its terrace: Gore Vidal, the famous American writer and honorary citizen of Ravello, says it is the most beautiful panorama in the world. The villa has hosted many famous people including, David Herbert Lawrence (author of the novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover") and Greta Garbo, during her elopement with Leopold Stokowski. Many artists have been inspired by the extraordinary atmosphere and today Ravello is a melting pot of art, culture, good cooking.

  • Sorrento

    Looking out from Sorrento you will see Vesuvius, the city of Naples, and the islands of Capri and Ischia. The town itself quaint with narrow streets, churches and medieval houses bring Sorrento’s history to life. The centre of Sorrento life is Piazza Tasso, built over a steep gorge, where tables and chairs crowd the central square. It’s the best place to watch passersby while enjoying a coffee or a homemade delicacy. Don’t miss the 15th Century cathedral and its works of art. This incredible region of the Amalfi coast has a long history, going back to the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Today, Sorrento offers exquisite food, architectural monuments and wonderful beaches.

  • Vietri sul Mare

    Vietri is famous for its ceramic handicrafts and is a perfect stop to do shopping and buy souvenirs during you Amalfi Coast sailing cruise. Don't miss the 17th century Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, with its great majolica-tiled dome. At Dragonea there are the Caves of San Cesareo, with characteristic rocky shapes created by water erosion; inside on of those caves there are the remains of an ancient chapel.

  • Partenopean Islands

    Ischia, Capri, Procida and Vivara are part of the Partenopean islands. Ischia is the largest island, followed by Capri. Procida is linked to the small island of Vivara which is a wonderful natural reserve. The beautiful Ischia is one of the most famous seaside and tourist spa centers of Italy. Ischia has a year round mild climate and is famous for its thermal water and modern tourist facilities/ hotels.

  • Capri

    Just off the coast of Naples and Salerno, between Cape Miseno and Amalfi, Capri soars like beacon in a bejeweled sea. Capri has an intoxicating fragrance of flowers, dramatic limestone cliffs and caves, which only enhance its rugged natural beauty. Caesar Augustus was the first to discover the charm of Capri when he visited the island in 29 BC. He was so smitten with the island that he traded the nearby fertile Ischia for it with the city of Naples. This marked the beginning of Augustan rule. The fortified walls of an ancient Greek acropolis still survive today as testimony to their presence on the island.

  • Ischia

    Ischia is the largest of the Partenopean islands in the bay of Naples. Its volcanic origin has produced salso-iodic and radioactive thermal waters and mudbaths for which the island is world famous. The volcanic nature of the island has in fact given its inhabitants hundreds of heat source sand sulphureous spring pools, which in turn encouraged the establishment of age old spa facilities. The thermal gardens in the pools with temperatures between 28°C and 40°C, one can enjoy either mud balneotherapy or solar-sea therapy.

  • Procida

    Procida is the most maritime of all the islands in the Gulf. From the port, Marina del Sancio Cattolico, take a walk among local craftsmen's workshops in hidden courtyards and reach the Terra Murata fortress quarter to find the Medieval Aragonese fortress and the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele. Both offer splendid views from their terraces. The heart of the island is a labyrinth of narrow alleyways lined with lemon orchards, brightly coloured homes and buildings.

    A good evening meal can be had in the restaurants of the Chiaiolella district (the little tourist roadstead) after passing the fishermen's homes. If you fancy chilling on your yacht, there are also a number of small coves for swimming or sleeping the day away.

  • Vivara

    For nature lovers, a stroll among roaming animals and sub-tropical Mediterranean plants awaits you in Vivara. A small bridge connects Vivara to Procida. This wonderful natural reserve is rich with wild fauna and flora of myrtle, strawberry trees, young oak trees etc.

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